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shelter programme

We Offer

  1. Short-term shelter and care for 17 women plus their children at any time. This includes 3 meals per day, toiletries, bedding, etc.
  2. Creche/Children's Project provides educare, counselling and therapy to the traumatized children in the shelter & from low-income families in the community.
  3. Counseling and Group work - Most of the women have been traumatized through rejection, abuse, rape, etc. We try to treat the person in a holistic way - emotional healing and confidence building is essential.
  4. Opportunities for training in a field of their choice e.g. machinists, cashiers, typing, waitressing, etc.
  5. Ongoing life skills training program. Example of topics; budgeting, cooking skills, home craft, child care sexuality, personal development etc.
  6. Spiritual input and Guidance.
  7. "Community" involvement in management, decision making and problem solving. The women are also empowered and grow through their intimate involvement in the actual running of the homes. They have their own committee, organize duty rosters and are consulted regarding day to day issues. This empowerment encourages mutual accountability and responsibility between all staff and the residents.
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